Winpo Asia Limited (Winpo Asia) is a Hong Kong-based importer and distributor of wine and spirits. Our main distribution markets are Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Currently, we import wine & spirits from reputable wine producing countries, including Chile, France, Spain, Italy and Australia.

The wineries or wine brands represented by Winpo Asia have been strictly selected by our wine professionals. We constantly review our product to ensure our portfolios suit best the market.

We also cope with the business strategy of our clients. We can provide own –label wine brand and source wines of international well known brands.

We have our owned temperature controlled warehouse, professional distribution team and a good storage facility. It help us serve our customers ‘needs more effectively.

Sharing the commitment of “Quality Products & Professional Services”, Winpo Asia is in the business of building up long term as well as mutually trusting relationships.

Let us be your wine and spirits partner.

維寶亞洲有限公司(維寶亞洲)是一間建基於香港,主要經營酒類進口、分銷和轉口業務,致力發展香港、澳門及中國市場。產品來自世界各地著名酒廠,當中以銷售智利、法國、西班牙、 意大利及澳洲等酒類產品為主。



維寶亞洲貫徹「優質產品,專業服務 」的宗旨,致力於建立長期、互信、雙贏的伙伴合作關係。


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China Office

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Huerta de Albala 飛馬酒莊

Huerta de Albala locates at southwest of Cadiz in Spain, where used as early as Roman times for viticulture. It has a thousand years history for planting and has some unique features which are different from other areas’. These features have not been forgotten by the world.

The winemaking philosophy of Huerta de Albala maintains for several centuries. Huerta de Albala tries to make the winery a harmonious blend with the areas of Cadiz.

The primary idea of Huerta de Albala is well-expressed of terroir. The wine of Cadiz has deep color, rich and varied flavor, strong and mellow tannins. It is a harmony and elegant wine.

Depends on meticulous management and extraordinary winemaking skills, all grapes are hand-picking and filtered by farmers to ensure that personality of each grape can be preserved completely.

Huerta de Albala only uses the highest-quality grapes. After filtering, the grapes put into the fermentation vat, and then placed in French oak aging. The best French oak barrels selected from the origin of one of the Arie River. After oak barrel aging, the wine becomes more elegant and complex.






Valle Andino 智利艾廸奧

Valle Andino produces noble, elegant and pleasant drinking wines, with fruit-bearing flavors and aromas that maintain and highlight each variety's characteristics. The use of quality grapevine stock enables us to obtain fine aromas, intense colors, and balanced flavors through a natural and meticulous treatment of grapes and musts.

In our vineyards, strict canopy management aims at keeping low yield so that, for the sake of quality, the best aromas and flavors concentrate in the grapes.

The cellar is fitted with all the equipment required for producing fine wines: pneumatic press, various types of filters, pumps, and micro-oxygenation equipment, as well as temperature-control devices. The bottling, labeling, and storage rooms for the finished product feature a climatization system whereby room temperature and humidity can be controlled. There is also the barrel room, with a capacity for holding 900 225-liter barrels, out of which 80% are made of French oak and the remaining 20% are made of American oak.



酒窖裝有所需的所有設備生產優質葡萄酒:氣動機,各類過濾器,泵和微充氧設備,以及溫度控制裝置。儲藏室採用全天候化作業系統,使室內溫度和濕度可以控制的。 整個酒莊的橡木桶總容量為900,225升,其中80%使用法國橡木,其餘20%是美國橡樹。


In 1993 Paul Boutinot commenced his search for a vineyard site with the potential to produce truly fine wine with a defining sense of origin. It took ten years to narrow the search down to a small area on the south-facing slopes of the Schaapenberg, overlooking False Bay in the Cape. Waterkloof was born, and the hard work began.

Sustainable Farming approach of Waterkloof is to use non-interventionist practices where practical, but as a minimum standard to practice the concept of “sustainable agriculture” . It defines a way of life and provides the foundation to long term success by both allowing us to produce an intrinsically better product, and also enhancing our quality of life. It is not a perfect system, but we do believe it to be the most viable long term approach.

Traditional winemaking methods, including working with open-top fermenters for red wines, allowing wild yeast fermentation to take place, whole-bunch pressing and the use of gravity where possible, are used.

1993年,Paul Boutinot開始尋找有潛力生產出真正帶有產區代表性美酒的葡萄園。花了十年時間,他發現到一塊位於開普敦Schaapenberg朝南並可以俯瞰False Bay的斜坡上的小土地。Waterkloof因而創立,努力種植和釀製工作也開始了。




Based in Aÿ, at the heart of the historic Champagne region, the House of COLLET, named after its founder, was created in 1921 by a group of growers with a dedicated attachment to their vines and a characteristic respect for the Champagne tradition.

As a firmly-established champagne House, COLLET is supplied from over 650 hectares (1,600 acres) of vineyards planted with the three varieties in the best Champagne villages :

Chardonnay, a white grape that offers finesse and elegance,Pinot Noir, for its body and generosity,and Pinot Meunier, for its freshness and fruitiness.

For decades, our champagnes have been aged in century-old cellars dug from the surrounding clay, providing a constant temperature in which our wines able to improve.

COLLET總部設在香檳區的心臟地帶Aÿ,以其創始人的名字來命名。它由一班葡萄種植者於 1921年創建,以他們對葡萄樹和尊重香檳的傳統專屬的愛為基礎。 作為一個被堅定地確立的香檳大廈,COLLET使用來自650公頃(1600畝)的葡萄園所種植香檳區內三個最好的品種: